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Troubleshooting Your PAP Machine and Mask

The machine itself works much like a reverse vacuum, where the device takes and pressurizes room air and pushes it through the humidification chamber, the tubing, and then a mask. This creates a kind of pneumatic splint which holds your airway open and prevents any collapse that would cause apneas or hypopneas. 

The machine itself should not be opened and can only be serviced by the manufacturer. Attempting or opening the CPAP machine will invalidate the warranty.

Keeping your filters, tubing, and mask clean is very important for the care and use of the CPAP. It not only prevents infection but keeps the machine and your mask in proper working order.

Your PAP machine should not be immersed in water at any time. Be sure to detach your humidifier prior to moving or transporting your CPAP.

Many problems can be solved by following the “circuit”.

  1. Check to make sure the machine is still plugged into a non-switched outlet.
  2. Check to make sure the plug is securely on the machine.
  3. Make sure the humidification chamber is securely attached. Again, be sure to not move or carry your CPAP until your humidifier is empty or detached.
  4. Make sure the tubing is securely attached to the CPAP and the mask. Check for leaks or cracks in the tubing.
  5. Make sure you have a proper mask fit.


Air Blowing into Eyes/Mask Leaving Sores or Marks

Check to make sure your mask is fitting properly. The mask should rest comfortably on your face. The machine can compensate for small leaks and overtightening can cause more significant leaks. If you have sores, protect your skin with a moleskin or Band-Aids. Be sure to wash your mask with a warm wet washcloth or mask wipes every day (not alcohol or baby wipes). The buildup of oil from your skin can cause the mask to deteriorate, which can cause irritation and leaks. Lastly, make sure you are replacing your cushions or nasal pillows every 30-90 days and your mask system every 6 months.


Error Code

If your machine gives you an error code, unplug and re-plug the CPAP in. If it continues to give a code, call our office or fill out our contact form for further assistance.