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Getting Treatment

The Treatment Process

Once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, either with a home sleep test or at a sleep lab, you and your doctor will determine if a continuous positive airway pressure machine is right for you.

Typically, he or she will send a prescription to our office to begin the process. Make sure you request your prescription be sent to Oxygen One.

We will verify your insurance benefits. To ensure insurance coverage, we must have a copy of your sleep study, the interpretation, as well as clinical notes from the doctor’s office discussing the need for testing and treatment.

Once we receive all the proper documentation, we will contact you to set up an appointment. At this 60-90 minute appointment, you will learn more about sleep apnea, how the PAP machine works, and why it is important to be compliant with therapy. You will be evaluated and fit for a mask that will best fit your needs and instructed on how to use and care for the PAP machine.

With our wireless monitoring program, we will make sure that your PAP machine is treating your sleep apnea.