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Sleep Apnea and Commercial Drivers

Staying Awake at the Wheel

According to the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association (FMCSA), untreated sleep apnea is a disqualifying condition (49 CFR §391.41 (b)(5). If you carry a CDL license, it is very important that you are screened for sleep apnea. There are many advantages to being tested and being compliant with treatment before you see the medical examiner.

Regulations and recommendations for screening sleep apnea during appointments with a medical examiner have been refined and are more strictly enforced.

If you experience any of the signs and symptoms or you have issued a temporary medical certification, contact us. Our staff will walk you through the home testing process and help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

For further information, request a copy of our Staying Awake at the Wheel Brochure or visit


Employing Commercial Drivers

With an estimated 17 million untreated cases, obstructive sleep apnea affects workplace productivity and the bottom line of many companies.  However, because sleep apnea is a disqualifying condition for a commercial driver license, trucking companies are greatly affected. As untreated sleep apnea is believed to increase the likelihood of crashing nearly 7 times, employers assume a great liability not screening their drivers.

In the past, care for drivers flagged as high risk has been fragmented between the driver, employer, DOT medical examiner, primary care physician, or the sleep specialist.