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Nebulizer Troubleshooting

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Compressor Does Not Operate

  1. Check to see that the plug is firmly into a grounded outlet.
  2. Verify there is power to the outlet by plugging a lamp into it.
  3. If none of the above solves the issue, call Oxygen One at 262-521-2202 for additional assistance.


Limited Air Pressure is Coming Through the Tubing from the Nebulizer or Nebulizer Seems Clogged

  1. Check the air inlet for obstructions and change the inlet filter as necessary.
  2. Check the tubing and mouthpiece for obstructions.
  3. Check all connections and reassemble nebulizer kit as instructed.


Nebulizer Treatments are Taking Longer than they Usually Do

  1. Check the air inlet filter. Replace the filter if discolored or wet.
  2. Check tubing/mouthpiece for obstructions and change as necessary.


Compressor is Functioning, but the Nebulizer Cup will not Mist

  1. Tubing may not be attached properly. Check tubing connections.
  2. Nebulizer kit may not be assembled properly. Reassemble nebulizer kit as instructed.
  3. Medication diffuser may be missing. Verify all parts are accounted for.
  4. Nebulizer kit and/or tubing are obstructed or dirty. Clean and disinfect per instructions.