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Why Refer to Oxygen One

Home Health Care Professionals Why Refer to Oxygen One

Oxygen One wants to provide the best care for you and your patients.

We want the referral process to be easy for you, while still ensuring insurance coverage for your patient. Our intake team will work with you to process the prescription and all the appropriate documentation and testing.

Our staff is always current with Medicare's coverage requirements and can walk you through the referral process, or even help you to set up an easy system to quickly refer patients. We will verify the patient's benefits, so you don't have to. Once the patient is setup, we will update you with any changes to condition or compliance.

By deploying a professional and compassionate staff, we strive to maximize the patient's quality of life.

Through our "respiratory specialty" focus and expertise, we dedicate ourselves to providing more, elevating home respiratory care to a higher level. Compliance is so important for patients to receive the benefits of therapy, whether it be oxygen or CPAP. Oxygen One provides education-based service that ensures patients understand why they need the prescribed therapy and how to appropriately use it.

Medical oxygen is life changing. It should be a change for the better, making the patient feel and breathe easier; enhancing their life, not hindering their lifestyle. We do our best to personalize a treatment plan with each and every patient, to help them remain compliant.