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Respiratory Care Week

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Respiratory Care Week

Celebrating Respiratory Therapists

This week we are celebrating respiratory therapists because it is Respiratory Care Week! The purpose of this week is to draw attention to the importance of lung health, and the people who are a big part of that: Respiratory Therapists.


What exactly do RT's do?

  1. They assess patients by listening to their lungs, getting vital signs and health history
  2. Provide diagnostic breathing tests and treatments.
  3. Provide various respiratory interventions to help improve lung function. 
  4. Manage patient airways and ventilators at the bedside.
  5. Collect and analyze blood to help diagnose different disorders with oxygenation and ventilation in the blood. 


What's the mission of Respiratory Care Week?

  1. Honor and thank respiratory professionals for their contributions. 
  2. Demonstrate the value of respiratory care professionals in all healthcare settings.
  3. Promote respiratory health in the workplace and the community. 
  4. Increase awareness of lung health issues in all environments.
  5. Educate and encourage prospective students about career opportunities. and growth of the profession.


Ultimately, the role of the respiratory therapist is to restore and improve the lung health of their patients. As an oxygen provider, we are so thankful for everything that Respiratory Therapists do. If you know someone who works in Respiratory Care, be sure to thank them for all their hard work and dedication. 


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