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Our Mascot: Meet Phil!

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Our Mascot: Meet Phil!

If you follow us on social media then you've probably seen posts with our Oxygen One Mascot, Phil. Phil is an animated oxygen tank and a huge part of the Oxygen One team.

Phil was originally created to track Oxygen One's growth in oxygen patients we serve. It's a similar idea to the fundraising thermometer organizations will use to track their fundraising goals, but instead of a thermometer, a poster-sized Phil was used. Employees would color in the tank every month until we reached our goal for the month. 

From there the personality of Phil was created: 



As a way to reward employees management came up with "Phil Phranks", which are just fake dollar bills with Phil's face on the front. If an employee collects a certain amount they can earn different rewards. 

For years we've only featured Phil in internal marketing for employees (like Phil Phranks). After giving Phil a makeover, we had to share him with everyone. 

Our latest Phil project has been Philmojis. We basically created different Phil emojis that we use in our office, and of course on social media. You can see some of our Philmojis below:







Which Philmoji is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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