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How Oxygen One is FUNdraising for the Lung Walk

Home Blog How Oxygen One is FUNdraising for the Lung Walk
How Oxygen One is FUNdraising for the Lung Walk

This Sunday, Oxygen One will be participating in Milwaukee's 5th annual LUNG FORCE Walk, hosted by the American Lung Association. For those of you who don't know, LUNG FORCE hosts events aimed towards raising awareness and funds for research to defeat lung cancer.  

Along with walking, we are also fundraising for the big day. We've had one fundraiser a week during the month of September, and what an exciting and fun month it has been! Read below to find out how we FUNdraise. 


1.  Chubby Bunny Challenge

Chubby Bunny involves the placement of an increasing number of marshmallows into your mouth and stating the phrase, "Chubby bunny," or "Pudgy bunny." The person who can say "Chubby bunny" with the most marshmallows in their mouth is the winner. We had 7 brave employees volunteer to do the challenge, while the rest of us, not so brave employees, bid on who would win. From that challenge, we raised around $200


2.  Bake Sale

Our second fundraiser involved lots of yummy treats! A few employees made some desserts and other snacks for an office bake sale. We had s'mores puppy chow, brownies, energy bars, banana bread, Chex mix, Rice Krispies treats, and cookies. Almost everything was under a dollar. From that fundraiser, we earned around $70. 


3.  Penny Wars

Penny Wars is a competition where multiple groups, or in our case, departments, collect coins and bills to score more points. Pennies and bills are positive points, and nickles, dimes, and quarters are negative points. This game really brought out our competitive side. We raised around $230 from the competition. Patient Care had the most positive points, earning them a pizza party. 


4.  Pancake Breakfast 

There is no better way to raise money than with a Pancake Breakfast. It was $10 all you can eat, and it was delicious. We had pancakes (of course), waffles, eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage, and ham. From this, we raised $230


5.  Raffle

This was our biggest fundraiser. We had around 10 prizes we raffled off, with our biggest item being Packers Tickets. GO PACK GO! We raised almost $600 from the raffle.



So far we have raised over $2,000 from our office fundraisers, and individual fundraising. Our donations will go towards lung cancer research and support for those who have lung cancer.

Interested in supporting our team? Click here to help us with fundraising and/or walk with us on September 30. Let's defeat lung cancer together! 


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