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Happy Holidays from Oxygen One!

Home Blog Happy Holidays from Oxygen One!
Happy Holidays from Oxygen One!

Last week we had our company Christmas Party, and it was awesome. I'm not just saying that because I helped plan it. If you're wondering what fun activities to do with the family or company for your Christmas Party, then continue reading for some inspiration. If you aren't looking for party inspiration, then continue reading anyway! ☺️

We started the party off with a good old fashioned holiday photo booth. It was festive, to say the least. 


Group of women in Christmas sweaters posing with props for a photo 


After that, we played some Oxygen One trivia with questions like, "What year anniversary is Oxygen One celebrating next year?" and "Which employees think that the office is haunted?". Every time someone got an answer correct they would receive an extra raffle ticket for the raffle. 

Our next game was called, "What's in your stocking?!", which involved teams coming up to the front of the room, and taking turns guessing what items they had in their stocking. Each stocking had a Christmas movie theme like The Santa Clause, Christmas Vacation, or Home Alone. The team who guessed their movie theme the fastest won the game. 

After dinner (which was delicious) we played Holiday/Oxygen One Pictionary. People had to draw things like sleds, snowball fights, cannulas, and discharge tanks. This game brought out all of our inner artists. 

We ended the night with our raffle drawing. Some of our prizes included, Bucks tickets, Nintendo NES, paid time off, and a French Press.

Nothing spreads yuletide cheer faster than good company, yummy food, and Bucks tickets. 

We here at Oxygen One wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas! 


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