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Celebrating Case Management Week

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Celebrating Case Management Week

This week marks the beginning of Case Management Week, and if you're wondering what Case Management is, wonder no more!

Imagine you have just been admitted into the hospital. Doctors and nurses are coming in and out of your room sticking needles in your arm, drawing blood, asking question after question. It's exhausting, and all you want to do is take a long nap.

Then, suddenly, a new person enters the room, and let's say his name is Bill.

Bill introduces himself as the Case Manager and tells you he's going to help create a care plan that will make your hospital stay painless. All the while, making sure you are a key decision-maker in the process.

While Bill is creating your care plan, he is also collaborating with your doctors, nurses, and a care team, making sure your care plan is the best it can be.

Bill is planning your care while you're in the hospital, and he is making plans for when you leave the hospital. Will you need any medical services after leaving the hospital? If so, Bill is going to help you find medical services near you that are needed for your treatment. The most important part of Bill's job is to advocate for you, the patient.

​This brings us back to Case Management Week.

Case Management Week is dedicated to celebrating all of the contributions and commitments Case Managers make, including their commitment towards improving health care. As I explained above, Case Managers do a lot for their patients, and that can often go unrecognized. That's why this week we're recognizing all of the Case Managers out there working hard for patients.

Oxygen One is celebrating this week by raising more awareness on what Case Managers do, and we are so thankful for all that they do. If you know a Case Manager, be sure to thank them!

You can learn more about Case Management Week by visiting the American Case Management Associations (ACMA) website.


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