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5 Tips For Waking Up This Winter

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5 Tips For Waking Up This Winter

Waking up during these winter months can be a challenge. The days are shorter and sunlight is minimal. Our energy seems to diminish. Fortunately, there are ways to wake up feeling more energized and ways to stay energized throughout your day. Dr. Ross Dodge, Specialist in Sleep Medicine and Peak Neurology provides some tips to help keep you energized during these winter days. 


Tip 1: Nap-puccinos 

Everyone experiences that afternoon lull. Dr. Dodge suggest something he calls "nap-puccions," which is when you take a shot of espresso in the afternoon followed by a quick 10 minute power nap. By the time you wake up from your power nap, the espresso will have affected your bloodstream, making you feel much more energized for the rest of the day. 


Tip 2: Delay your morning coffee by an hour

Every morning we wake up with an increased amount of a hormone called cortisol, which naturally energizes you. Your cortisol levels decrease an hour or so after waking up. Having your morning coffee later will help you stay energized after your cortisol wears off. 


Tip 3: Utilize light therapy

While you can't naturally increase the amount of light you get during the Winter season, you can still stimulate sunlight by using a light therapy lamp of daylight bulbs. The more light you receive can help compensate for any lack of sunshine. 


Tip 4: Exercise in the morning

According to Dodge, cooler temperatures help our bodies power down for sleep, so warming up our bodies early in the day can have an energizing effect. The best way to warm up your body early in the morning is through exercise! 


Tip 5: Avoid electronics before bed 

Using electronics before bed delays your body's internal clock, suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. This will make you much more tired in the morning. Try to avoid at looking at any screens an hour before you go to sleep. That way you can fall asleep more easily and get a good night's sleep.