If you are currently set up with home oxygen therapy and are moving to our service area or are in Southeastern Wisconsin and would like to switch to Oxygen One, please contact us or call our office at (262)521-2202. We are happy to help you determine if you are eligible to transfer services.

Oxygen equipment is a rental service.

Medicare and most Medicare Advantage Plans dictate that oxygen equipment is a “capped rental”.  That means Medicare will only pay for 36 months of rental payments in a 5 year period.  After the 36-month period, your supplier must continue to provide you with oxygen equipment until the end of the 5-year period but does not receive any payments from Medicare between 37 and 60 months.  Changing companies does not start the rental period over, and as a result, there are limitations to when you can switch providers in relation to that 36-month period. 

If you are eligible to transfer services, Oxygen One asks that you visit your physician to re-qualify and that we obtain new documentation regarding your care.  This includes a pulse oximetry test which can be performed at your doctor’s office, physician notes documenting the need for oxygen, and a new prescription.  Medicare is very particular about the paperwork required to provide oxygen equipment, and we ask for these items to ensure that Medicare continues to pay for your equipment.

Should you be ineligible to switch providers, Oxygen One sells a variety of Portable Oxygen Concentrators, which may be a good option for you.