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To process your order and bill your insurance, Oxygen One will need:

  • a current and valid prescription
  • a copy of your sleep study
  • a copy of your clinical notes discussion your sleep apnea and need for treatment

If you haven't received services Please ask your doctor's office to fax the information to our office at (262) 521-2249.

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  • Delivery

  • Please allow 24 hours to process your order, or 2 days if order is placed on Saturday. Typically, your shipment should arrive in 3-5 business days.

  • If your insurance has changed since the time you received supplies, please contact our office at (262) 521-2202.

  • For those with Medicare insurance:
    Medicare determines the frequency that you can receive certain items. Those time periods are shown below in parenthesis.
  • Customers with commercial insurance plans:
    We can bill most insurance carriers and they typically will cover these items every 6 months. Your home medical representative will determine what you are eligible for under your plan.
  • All insurance plans: You will be responsible for any deductible or co-pay before we can bill your insurance.

  • Please select the supplies that you would like to have refilled:

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