Oxygen Miscellaneous

Precision Medical, Inc. :: EasyPulse™ 5 Oxygen Conserving Regulator (SM)

EasyPulse™ 5 Oxygen Conserving Regulator (SM)

EasyPulse 5 is an oxygen conserving device that provides oxygen a pulse dose of oxygen as the patient breathes in.  With a conserving ratio of up to 5.7 to 1, the EasyPulse5 increases the amount of time each tank provides and reduces number ...

Philips Respironics :: GO2™ Pulse Oximeter (SM)

GO2™ Pulse Oximeter (SM)

The quality construction and high accuracy of the GO2 finger oximeter allows oxygen patients to take greater control of their lives while creating a new business opportunity for homecare providers. Oxygen users will benefit from GO2's reliable ...