• Q: How do I travel with my oxygen?

    A: Oxygen One has many different options for travel depending on your order, current equipment and travel destination. Please see our travel section for more information.

    Q: How do I know when to call for a refill?

    A: If you have oxygen tanks we ask that you call us when you are down to 3 tanks.

    A: If you have liquid oxygen we ask that you call us when you are down to 3 lights on your filling base.

    Q: Do you offer anything for when the power goes out?

    A: Each patient is given a source for back-up oxygen at their initial set up. It will either be in the form of a free standing back up tank or, if the patient is set up with liquid oxygen, the filling base doubles as the source of back up oxygen.

    Q: My power has gone out and I was instructed to use my liquid base as my back up. How long will that last me?

    A: Depending on the contents of your tank your time will vary. Please call us to verify.

    Q: Why does my tank read empty when I have never used it or just put this regulator on?

    A: The regulators will not register contents until the tank is opened. Once the regulator is securely attached all you have to do is open the tank and the needle will register the amount of contents.

    Q: Will you come out and change my tubing for me?

    A: If we are already coming out to do a delivery for you then we will certainly change the tubing while we are there. However, we are not a home care company so we do not schedule stops to change tubing for patients.

    Q: Can I have extra equipment?

    A: At Oxygen One we strive to set up or patients with the equipment that will allow them to lead an active lifestyle as they so choose. Hopefully the equipment delivered will meet those needs. Any equipment needed beyond that can be provided at an additional charge.

    Q: Do you have a showroom?

    A: We do have an office location with a lobby. You are more than welcome to stop in anytime. If you want to see anything in particular please call ahead of time and make an appointment to make sure we have the equipment available to show you.

    Q: How often should I change my tubing?

    A: A good rule of thumb is to use the 2 and 2 Rule: Cannulas should be changed every 2 weeks and extension tubing every 2 months.

    Q: How big or heavy are these machines going to be? Does it use a lot of power to run this stuff?

    A: Each concentrator is a bit different in size and shape. Please contact us for more information regarding your needs.

    Q: How often should I use my oxygen?

    A: Oxygen is a drug which is why a prescription is needed from a doctor. Like any other drug you should use it as often as prescribed by your physician.

    Q: Do you provide any other services besides oxygen?

    A: Yes, Oxygen One is a sleep and respiratory company that provides Oxygen, Nebulizers, Sleep Apnea, Infant Apnea Monitors and Home Sleep Tests.
  • Q: Will my insurance pay for this?

    A: While we do work with various insurance companies, each has specific eligibility guidelines and coverage can vary. All bills are submitted to insurance first, and we are not made aware of any patient portion until after the paperwork is submitted.

    Q: Will I get a bill for any of this equipment?

    A: If Oxygen One does not get a response from your insurance company within 60 days of submitting a claim then responsibility for the bill is transferred to the patient. At that time a bill will be generated and sent out.

    Q: I was not expecting to be on oxygen equipment so I haven’t planned for this expense. Does Oxygen One offer any payment plans?

    A: Yes. We will work with you to come up with a resolution. Please contact our Billing Department for more information.
  • Q: I have been wearing my CPAP and I am getting dry mouth. What can I do to prevent this?

    A: You can increase the humidifier settings on your machine to add more moisture to your CPAP therapy.

    Q: My CPAP mask is making my nose sore. Is there anything I can do?

    A: The mask may be too tight. Loosen it a bit while making sure you still have a good fit to prevent leaks. You can also protect the area with moleskin or a fabric band aid.

    Q: Why is my CPAP mask leaking every night?

    A: The mask could be on incorrectly or not adjusted properly to your head. You could also have an old mask so please make sure you are replacing your mask as eligible.

    Q: I have been on CPAP for a long time and have never replaced my supplies. How do I go about doing that?

    A: The majority of insurance companies will cover replacement supplies every 3-6 months. Please call our office and we will be happy to verify eligibility and ship the needed supplies out to you.

    Q: My new mask won’t attach to my tubing. Did I get the wrong supplies?

    A: Not usually. You probably have left the coupler from the previous mask in the tubing – if the end of the tubing is a hard plastic, the plastic piece needs to be removed before attaching the new mask, as it already has a coupler attached to it.

    Q: Why am I getting water in my mask and tubing?

    A: You may have overfilled the water chamber or you may have the humidifier set too high. Check the water level and/or turn down the humidifier.
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