quote-williamOxygen One provides several different services to help you maintain your lifestyle and health while using your oxygen.  At your initial equipment set-up, a medical technician will not only deliver equipment, but help you find a system that fits your everyday life.  After the medical technicians deliver the equipment, we spend extra time explaining the system and answering any questions you have.  If desired or ordered by your physician, a State Licensed Clinician will visit you in your home to verify that the equipment provided is adequate to meet your clinical needs.  This appointment allows ample time for education on home safety, disease processes, signs and symptoms of infection, and the importance of remaining active to increase endurance while on long term oxygen therapy.  This visit is also used to determine the necessity of future visits. A respiratory therapy program may be recommended for those who clinically qualify, in order to maximize the benefits of treatment.  

Delivery and Service

Business Hoursphoto-golf
Our regular business hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  During these hours, routine deliveries, respiratory therapy visits, and billing inquiries are addressed. 

We ask that you call in your orders and deliveries at least two days in advance, during business hours.  If it is after regular business hours, you may leave a detailed message with our answering service and we will contact you the following business day for confirmation.

In Case of an Emergency
Oxygen One is available to assist with emergencies 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Some types of emergencies may include: a new set-up and delivery of equipment, equipment malfunction, power failure, weather emergency or natural disaster.  

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